Key Note Music was formed in 1991 on completion of the album “Senses and Impressions”. Yorkshire Television had made a television series about Hannah Hauxwell and were about to embark on the creation of a second series. Martin approached YTV with the intention of writing a theme tune for Hannah Hauxwell. That theme is the first track on the album “Senses and Impressions” and it may still be heard in most television programmes about Hannah. The remaining eleven tracks were inspired by bushland walks in Australia, where Martin was staying with relatives. Instead of approaching record companies with the finished album Martin decided to go it alone and become his own record company, and that’s how Key Note Music was born. After moving to the Scottish Highlands Martin was commissioned to write the music to The Loch Ness Exhibition Centre in Drumnadrochit, and the next album “Loch Ness Enigmas” came into being in 1997. A casual remark from a Smokie fan in Germany led to the creation of a compilation of the intros Martin has written for Smokie’s stage show since he joined the band in March 1988. The album comprises all 14 intros which Martin has created during his time with Smokie. Three further albums have since been created, “World of Music”, which has received four prestigious Unisong awards, the very mellow and relaxing compilation album “Sanctuary”, which is most favoured by therapists, and his latest work "The Code Within". Both "Loch Ness Enigmas" and "The Code Within" are available on iTunes.