It's not easy to be green when you are a frequent traveller

Element of truth

Iíve tried to cut my footprint
(The carbon one, I mean)
By making less emissions
And being slightly green

Iíve separated rubbish
Put things in different bins
Hoping that itís not too late
To put right previous sins

I often turn the lights off
Put heating below twenty
Because weíre told, officially
That eighteen should be plenty

But Iím a frequent flyer
And I travel every day
So Iím adding to the problem
At least, thatís what they say

Iím living in a forest
An area of great charm
The trees can use some CO2
But am I doing harm?

Iíve heard that our emissions
Last about a hundred years
So how can we act quickly
To dissipate our fears?

And what about my footprint
And the carbon that I leave?
I am a carbon life form
Is there really no reprieve?

The rules seem too demanding
Will I ever go to heaven?
The trouble is, my shoe size
Is a massive size eleven
(Actually itís a twelve, but that doesnít rhyme)